Alyssa Bernadette Cahoy, President
Sid Richardson College '23
Health Sciences, English Majors
Medical Humanities Minor

Alyssa Bernadette Cahoy

Hello everyone, I'm thrilled to be your 2021-2022 Medical Humanities Club president! I love the Medical Humanities field because it takes an integrative approach to re-humanizing medical education and clinical practice. As humans, we have stakes in our own health, hopes, and joys. We breathe a sigh of relief when we receive a favorable prognosis; we brace ourselves when our loved ones suffer from debilitating diseases. Medical Humanities frameworks allow us to examine the human condition at large, to investigate how the experience of illness is molded by social milieu. I hope our club serves as an unconventional, yet enriching avenue for you to develop a more expansive understanding of healthcare, as it has for me and the other officers. I'm greatly looking forward to the upcoming year!

Sally Yan, Internal VP
McMurtry College '22
Biosciences Major
Medical Humanities, Global Health Technologies Minors

Sally Yan

My name is Sally Yan, and I am a senior at McMurtry College majoring in Biosciences and minoring in Medical Humanities and Global Health Technologies. I care deeply about the Medical Humanities because it offers an opportunity to look at medicine from so many different dimensions beyond the rigid scope of science and even to critically examine the conventional frameworks of science and medicine. I love that this club brings together students who also have this conviction. I want to help continue to maintain and grow this amazing club and give other students at Rice an opportunity to also explore medicine from these perspectives! I’ve been highly involved in the MedHum club since my freshman year and have served as the Symposium Chair then the IVP. This year, as we return to normalcy, I’m excited to bring back and expand some of our club’s favorite interactive events and activities!

Shreyas Karki, External VP
Brown College '22
English Major
Biochemistry, Cell Biology Minors

Shreyas Karki

I believe in Medical Humanities because I believe our current health-care system needs a significant revamp to become more humane and people-focused. Science is useful for curing the body, but to truly heal, we have to look beyond the sciences, as a disease isn't just a physical ailment... it's psychological, social, economic, and spiritual. As a former patient—and as a premedical student—I appreciate all of the doctors that are able to look beyond textbooks to better advocate for their patients. I hope, as the External Vice President, I can connect Rice University's club to the greater cultural discourse of Medical Humanities.

Annika Nambiar, Secretary
McMurtry College '22
Biosciences Major
Medical Humanities Minor

Annika Nambiar

My name is Annika Nambiar and I'll be this year's Secretary! I am a junior majoring in Biochemistry and Cell Biology and minoring in the Medical Humanities. MedHum has allowed me to critically think about the work I want to be doing in the future as a physician. I hope that by attending our events you can see how it can change your perspective too! I am excited to work closely with the MedHum team and provide reliable and fast communication!

Aishani Gargapati, Treasurer
Wiess College '24
Biosciences Major
Medical Humanities Minor

Aishani Gargapati

My name is Aishani Gargapati, and I am excited to be this year’s Treasurer! I am a sophomore from Wiess College. I had an amazing experience serving as the Fundraising Chair of the Rice Medical Humanities Club in my freshman year. This past year, I have deepened my passion for the medical humanities and have enjoyed learning about fascinating topics, such as the social construction of illness, health disparities, the healthcare provider-patient relationship, and the history of medicine. I am excited to organize our club budget and funds, help plan for events, and connect with club members throughout the year and beyond!

Arnav Sankaranthi, Symposium Chair
Brown College '23
Biosciences Major
Medical Humanities Minor

Arnav Sankaranthi

Emma Saving, Coffee Chats Chair
Sid Richardson College '23
Biosciences Major
Medical Humanities Minor

Emma Saving

Ashna Karpe, Publicity Chair
Duncan College '23
Psychological Sciences Major
Biochemistry and Cell Biology Minor

Ashna Karpe

Sumin Choi, Historian
Brown College '23
Biochemistry, Cell Biology Majors
Medical Humanities Minor

Sumin Choi

Molly Kyles, Outreach Chair
Lovett College '24
Natural Sciences Division (Undecided)
Medical Humanities Minor

Molly Kyles

Alekhya Gurram, Socials Chair
Will Rice College '23
Health Sciences, Spanish & Portugese Majors
Medical Humanities Minor

Alekhya Gurram

Mabel Tang, College Rep Chair
Hanszen College '23
Biochemistry and Cell Biology Major
Medical Humanities Minor

Mabel Tang

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