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The Rice Medical Humanities Club is an undergraduate organization that focuses on medicine as an interdisciplinary field. All of our events explore a different connection between the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and medicine.


The 2016 Medical Humanities Symposum is "Remembering Our Roots: Keeping the Cura in Cure". It was held on Saturday, November 12, 2016.

The Medical Humanities symposium is an annual event that covers a broad range of topics in human health. Speakers have ranged from literature professors to primary care physicians to art therapists. The inaugural year’s theme (2013) was Bridging the Gap, the subsequent year was Grey Matter: Controversies in Medicine (2014), and the one after was Serving the Underserved (2015).

Coffee Chats

Fall 2016 Coffee/Pizza Chats
Intro to Medical Humanities and Ethics
The Body in Ancient Medicine
Medical Humanities Chat with Baylor Medical Students
Near-Death Experiences

Coffee chats provide an informal setting to get to know chosen topics in MedHum, and a faculty speaker from Rice or the neighboring community. Past coffee chat topics have included gender and biology, religion and mental health, transgender health, and narrative medicine.


In order to see Medical Humanities in the real world, we have a series of community engagement events that involve volunteering in health-related settings.

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